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WorkClass Job Analyser and Salary Guideline

Create an attractive job post with WorkClass’s Job Analyser and Salary Guideline.

Are you experiencing any difficulty in crafting an attractive job post? WorkClass has analysed over 100,000 job posts and came up with a job analytical tool for employers.

With WorkClass’s Job Analyser and Salary Guideline, hiring managers can gain access to the top job posts on WorkClass - analyse the Job Title, Salary, and Job Description of these job posts to find better candidates.

Job Analyser

The Job Analyser section contains information on the Job Details and Salary Guidelines of the most popular jobs. We will move on to the Job Description section for starters.

Job Details

In the Job details section, employers will be able to search for top job posts in their industry in order to optimise their own job posts.

For example, when you type “Packer” into the Job Title section, and “Full-time” into the employment type section, the website will load the best jobs of that category. Best job posts refer to job posts that have the most applicants. (remember to click on the “search” button after inputting the relevant information).

Please click on one of the job posts in order to see the full job description.

The job description which will show up can give you cues on what other employers write in their job description. You can use these hints to improve your own job post.

After you have looked through some great job descriptions and tuned your job post, you can have a look at typical salaries for your job.

Salary Guidelines

The Salary Guideline shows you the average monthly salary and popular locations of all jobs on WorkClass.

Firstly, input or select jobs in the search bar. For example, if you are interested in hiring accountants, simply type or click on “accountant” and WorkClass will show you all related positions to your search.

Employers can slowly go through the individual job posts to study their merits.

After you have clicked on one of the jobs, you can see the average salary and popular locations. Consider increasing or decreasing your salary depending on the market rate.

Need more help?

Contact our customer service hotline at +65 6978 8419 for more enquiries.

Check out our job advertisement blog to know more about the best job titles, job descriptions and salary guidelines of a job post.

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