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Update: New Features On Workclass

5 new features to enhance your hiring experience with us.

At Workclass, we are committed to consistently improving your hiring experience and providing you with the best that we can offer. As such, we have reached out to you, listened to your concerns, and made improvements to our platform to address them! Read on to learn about the 5 new features that we have rolled out, catered specially to your needs.

1. Now available on mobile

Had problems accessing some of our features via mobile? Fret not, because our employer job portal now looks good on both mobile and desktop. Check it out now!

2. Automatic calls to candidates

Not sure whether to call your candidates or drop them a text instead? At Workclass, we automatically call job seekers (up to 3 times) and take note whether the job seeker picks up the phone. This is displayed on the employer job portal to help you assess the likelihood of them answering your calls.

To get here: Sign in to your account > Go to "My Jobs" > Click on one of your job posts

3. Automatic filtering of candidates not in Singapore

Need candidates that can start working in Singapore as soon as possible? To make it easier for you to find such candidates, we now automatically disqualify candidates who do not reside in Singapore.

4. Background information of candidates

Looking for a fuss-free way to view candidates' background information and decide whether they are suitable for the job? With our improved employer job portal, you will now be able to see whether the candidates have the relevant job experience, as well their 3 most recent jobs, all at one glance!

To get here: Sign in to your account > Go to "My Jobs" > Click on one of your job posts

5. Upgraded featured job posts

Want your job posts to gain more exposure? Our featured job posts now receive 3 times more traffic than before - Post featured jobs with us today!

To get featured job posts under our Premium Subscription: Sign in to your account > Go to "Products"


BONUS: Enjoy 3 months of Premium Subscription at only $50 a month!

With Phase 3 approaching, Workclass would like to help in bringing job seekers back to work as quickly as possible.

To help match you up with suitable candidates even faster than before, we have slashed our Premium Subscription prices from $150 to just $50 a month!

Promotion is only valid until December 31st 2020, so do check it out fast!

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