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New Feature: Suggested Candidates

Get more candidate matches with our targeted recommendations.

Having trouble finding suitable candidates from your list of applicants? With our new "Suggested Candidates" feature, you will now have a larger pool of relevant candidates to choose from! Keep reading to learn how this feature will provide you with the candidates you need.

1. Candidates possess the required experience and qualifications

Our system sieves out candidates with past experience and qualifications closely related to the jobs that you have posted. Rest assured that the candidates we suggest will well meet the requirements of your jobs!

2. Candidates have indicated interest

In order to efficiently match blue-collar job seekers and employers within 24 hours, job seekers need to have interest in the jobs offered to them. As such, our system will only recommend candidates who have indicated interest in being contacted by employers, for positions that match their preferences.

3. Candidates answered our automatic test calls

Effective communication is key to forming quick, successful matches between job seekers and employers. To encourage such effective communication, our system only suggests candidates who are responsive to employer contact, as indicated by them answering our automatic test calls.

4. Candidates have been active in the past 4 weeks

To ensure that we provide candidates who are still actively looking for jobs on our platform, our system limits suggestions to candidates who have been active in the past 4 weeks.


To access this feature:

Sign in to your account > Go to "My Jobs" > Click on one of your job posts > Go to "Suggested"

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