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Tips For Making Good Job Posts

4 job posting tips to help you attract the candidates you need.

Have your job posts been receiving a lack of applications? Or have they ended up being flooded with irrelevant applications?

At Workclass, we understand that finding the ideal candidate can be quite a tormenting process. As such, we are here to help!

Your job posts form an applicant’s first impression of your company, which will directly influence the quality and quantity of candidates that you attract.

Get started with these 4 job posting tips from us to stand out from competition and attract the best candidates for your job openings.

To post a job: Sign in to your account > Go to "My Jobs" > Click on the "Post a Job" button

1. Clear Job Title

Keep it short. Use straightforward and common terms.

2. Exact Location

Specify the exact address that the job is located at.

3. Clear Salary

Keep the salary bracket narrow.

4. Screening Question

Ask a screening question relevant to the job requirements.

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