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New Feature: Brand New Candidate Search

Search for past applicants with ease.

Thinking of a past applicant that could be suitable for a current job opening, but finding it too tedious to track your history and locate this applicant? With our new "Candidate Search" update, you will now be able to search for these past applicants with ease! Read on to learn about the various ways that you can utilise this feature to find the candidates you need.

Uploading Resumes of Past Applicants

Many employers, like yourself, have a huge number of resumes from past applicants that are stored in their computers. Without a centralised system to process all these resumes, it is difficult to search for a past candidate that meets a specific criteria in mind (e.g. Warehouse packer).

To alleviate this problem, we now allow you to upload all the resumes into our system. Our system will then extract all the relevant information, store it in our database and provide you with a seamless search experience.

To upload your resumes:

1. Login to your Workclass account.

2. Click on "Candidate Search."

3. Under "Upload Resumes," select "Upload Files."

Searching for Past Applicants

Name, Email, Phone Number, Job Keywords

Feel free to key any name, phone number, email or job keyword into the search bar, and our system will generate the relevant past applicants accordingly.


To further refine your search results by location, simply key in the postal code and select the radius within which you would like to search for past applicants.

Last Active

To narrow down your search results by when the users have been last active, adjust the slider accordingly. The number of days selected is the days within which past applicants have last used Workclass.

Visa Status

To filter your search results by visa status, select the checkboxes of the visa statuses that you require.

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