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Fast Response Rate

The frontline jobseeker market is a very fast market. Speed matters. Candidates are looking for a job which they can start within a few days. Likely, the financial pressure of the jobseeker is really high hence the urgency in finding a job as soon as possible. Jobseekers often use multiple job banks like FastJobs, JobStreet, Indeed, Facebook, Carousell and of course, WorkClass. It is not uncommon that they send 50 job applications in a single day.

As an employer or recruiter who is looking to hire a new worker, it is very important that you respond to a new application as soon as possible. At WorkClass, we want to encourage employers to respond as fast as possible so that you get the most out of our platform. Responding to an application within 24hours increases your chances by 90% to hire that particular worker. Taken together, we are now showing you your response rate on the employer website and you will receive rewards for responding to candidates in a timely manner.

The progress bar shows you your response rate and how close you are to receiving your next reward.

We will reward you when the following conditions have been met:

  • you need to have at least 10 applications in the lasts months

  • if you responded on average within 72 hours, your job posts will have the "Fast Response" tag

Your job posts on will have a "Fast Response" Tag
  • if you respond within 24 hours, you will get one additional job slot

  • if you respond within 8 hours, you will get two additional job slots

Your new job slots will be automatically added to your account and you will keep them as long as your respond rate does not decrease again. Job Slots should not be confused with Job Posts (read more here). In short, Job Slots determine how many jobs you can have active at one moment. If you have enough job slots left, you can post another job using your existing coins (Not enough coins left? Upgrade here).

We wish best in hiring and if you face any issues, please feel free to reach out to us.

Need more help?

Contact our customer service hotline at +65 6978 8419 for more enquiries.

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