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Bumping a Job Post

Fear of letting your job post go unnoticed few days after you posted it? Worry no more, as our job bump feature basically allows you to boost your older job posts to the top of the list again, so that job seekers will be able to see them again, just like a new job post! Want to learn more about the list of job posts on job portals work - click here!

Here's a video to demonstrate how you can bump your job post to the top!

The bump button can be found inside every job cards. When you are on the My Jobs page, scroll down to the list of jobs and you can find the blue button in the cards.

Click on the "Bump" button, and a friendly reminder will pop up.

Click "Yes" if you have decided to bump the particular job post. Your post will see the light on our Telegram channel as well as the job seekers portal again. Do note that you need to have enough coins to do a bump. (Click here to purchase coins)

You may also use the Autobumping Scheduler so bumping your job post won't be a hassle! (What is the Autobumping Scheduler? Click Here)

Need more help?

Contact our customer service hotline at +65 6978 8419 for more enquiries.

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