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Autobumping Scheduler

The Autobumping scheduler helps you to automatically bump your job multiple times. (What are bumps? Click here) Are you in need of many candidates for one particular position? Instead of having to manually bump your jobs multiple times, automate it with Autobumping scheduler.

Here's a video of the Autobumping scheduler in action.

Autobumping scheduler can be found under "My Jobs" page at the individual jobs cart.

Firstly, select the day you want your job to be auto bumped. Secondly, select the number of times you want the auto bumping to occur. Do note that you must have enough bumps to schedule them. (Click here to purchase bumps)

Now, just wait and candidates will apply for your position during the period of scheduled bumping.

Need more help?

Contact our customer service hotline at +65 6978 8419 for more enquiries.

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